Monday, August 25, 2008


Meet Pork Chop at the LIVE or D.Y.I vinyl toy show in San Francisco at DSTRUCTURE gallery on Haight Street ! A bunch of artist and yours truly are gathering vinyl toy pieces to celebrate Japanese pop culture, urban art and independent artist everywhere!

LAW SCHOOL... yawn

At this moment I am staring at the powerpoint presentation with the ongoing thoughts:
" Is that really a picture of a pencil with squiggle marks running down the page? What the fuck are we in Kindergarden here?! Where are the pictures of blood hungry eagles? of blind justice and scales?! of lawsuits and mafia lords, and confiscated drugs and guns! This isnt the law school I dreamed of this is some whack ass pussy whipped shit right here"

A view from the back of the class - where the best students sit of course.


Testing testing 1,2,3

Okay soooooo I told y'all Texan cowboys and gals about a type project I've working on in school last quarter. And yes it's true, I did get lazy over these past summer months but nevertheless here I am putting in full efforts- and best feets forward - all to try to share with you the magic that is the Futura typeface and the joy of Typography II.

THE MISSION: To research and write about a typeface and using that exclusive type face design a sequential multi page layout to produce an informational booklet aimed to educate an incoming Art Center student.

Lets see.. does this pdf link seem to be working?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

FAFAFA photoshop skillz

ok this one is illustrator actually...

Computer Arts magazine is a God sent piece of magnificence poured down upon the Earth for all designers, pro tech graphic junkies and wanna be's to bask in the golden glory that is Adobe Photoshop. While my time off from Art Center my brain has slightly deteriorated turning into a small lumpy pile of mush - graphic design knowledge escaping through every pore but alas! To regain my graphic strength I needed only a few healthy doses of computer art tutorial sessions. Browsing through the tutorial gallery with my pupils dilated like excited an prepubescent anime character I started gleefully downloading dozens of free tutorials that answered the call of a range of topics spanning from: “How can I create a believable jelly-jiggle in my models?” to "How to master pixel art animation."

They the latest issue's tutorials all online free of charge complete with support files and helpful pdf instructions. Get on it and get schooled:
and make your lack of a summer existence turn into scoring points with the nerdy art kids this fall!