Wednesday, September 16, 2009


My work is currently being featured on a website created for Art Center students and staff that informs them on the current campus events going on at ACCD and any new announcements or developments occurring at the school. Every term a new student's work is selected to represent the school and is used as the background for the website.
This is the original billboard created for the Aquarium of the Pacific for my Visual Concepts class

And this is what it looks like on the site.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Yeah soo I dunno if your in the "know" or not but there is this new product coming out called Skullyboom and it's pretty off the hizzle my nizzle. wow i know i just said that - but you know how the 90's are coming back - so if you put it into perspective...we're all okay.


SB1 is a wearable amplified speaker system. It has a built in Lithium-Ion battery that will run SB1 for 3-6 hours of playback working with any type of audio device. The SB1 includes a belt clip so you can wear him wherever you go. Athletes will no longer have the issue of running a wire to their heads, and they’ll enjoy the pleasure of blasting their music around while riding. With a primary loudspeaker and a built in tweeter, you can be assured that SkullyBoom will provide you with high fidelity sound with surprising power.

The SB1 is charged directly using a USB connector from your computer. SB1 can stand upright and function as a desktop/portable computer speaker. Wire two of them up and you have a complete amplified stereo system. Imagine WEARING two of them!? The possibilities are endless.

They need 1,000 pre-orders by this OCTOBER!

SO if you want to help out and get a new fledgling company off the ground you can preorder now at: