Saturday, December 29, 2007

Opening Ceremony vs. Chloe Sevigny

LA: Who are some of your fashion icons?
CS: Women who are outrageous yet effortless. Liz Goldwyn, Cecilia Dean, Angelica Houston, Marlene Dietrich, Debbie Harry, Poison Ivy, Slim Keith, Patti Smith—women who own their looks and themselves. Never looking uncomfortable in your outfit, or skin for that matter is a must.

LA: What music inspired your line?
CS: The Cramps, Johnny Thunders and Patti Palladin, Lizzie Mercier, The Slits,
The Shangri La's.

designers i have not seen who are technically amazing

Robert Geller
String ties, bow ties and suspenders please...

Steine Goya
Baggy cat body suits, caped jackets, poof bottomed mini dresses and high waisted skirts, faux suspender type shirts yay!

Cavern t shirts

Los Angles's Cavern is the creation of fashion-school friends Adam Tullie and Angeline Rivas. While Tullie's excursions to Europe and Rivas's continued pursuit of her BFA at The Otis College of Art and Design didn't see the two graduate together, still, they took on the greater challenge of entering the fray of design hand in hand. "When we first conjured Cavern," says Rivas, "our focus was to make solid, hand-drawn T-shirts." While the market is glutted with such wears, particularly on the West Coast, the duo was determined to distinguish themselves. "Everybody is making the same shit," Tullie says of his competitors, "taking clip art, mixing it up, and slapping it on a T-shirt. There was more to be done."

OKAY look at those suspenders! and that squared stripped jailbird shirt! i love it i love its so cute, so subtle Native Americanisque. weeee!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007