Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Marketing genius? No, no, I don't think so

So the time came in my life where the bristles wore down and the pale blue line faded away - it was time to get a new toothbrush. And so like any good tooth conscious citizen I ran to my local drug store and grabbed the first brush I saw- only to realize when I got home, the toothbrush I had picked up SMELLED LIKE MINT!

Is this some sort of marketing joke? why on earth would Colgate invest time money and energy into such a useless toothbrush gimmick?

"MINT SCENTED" wtfff!?!!! I know this idea had to be proposed , power-pointed and passed by a table full of suits - so someone explain how on earth did this happen!

There it is the curious beast

Yup, right there that's the smelly culprit.

PYT Logo Sketch n Design Time

Step One: Sketch it Out
It doesn't have to be pretty boys and girls - it just needs to get the job done.

Step Two: Illustrator + (x) hours + anchor point tweaking = vector image

Step Three: Finalize & Color Theory
Grey on Pink? Okay! Light hearted whimsicalness inspired by Mr. Beautifool

Friday, January 2, 2009

BRANDING yourself

It's something every designer must do.
For 2009 I'm going for the edgy Bakersville-esq face Lubalin Graph Bold. I don't think my designs in orange and gray tones but I'm liking it and I'm going to make it work.
Repacking yay! Happy New Year!